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Santérus Förlag
Birkagatan 23
113 39 Stockholm

Tel: 08-30 34 62

Santérus Förlag och
Santérus Academic Press Sweden
är en del av
T. Santérus AB
med säte i Stockholm.

General information

Santérus Förlag (Publishing) is an independent publishing house that was founded in December 1999.

We strive to publish books that we feel will benefit general knowledge as well as contribute to the joy of reading. Our ambition is also to try and make them look good, since we believe that appearances are important to the buyer's pleasure in owning a book. People who buy books are important of course, especially if one aims to publish more than one book.

We specialize in non-fiction literature for an academic and professional market in the fields of the social sciences and the humanities, but we also publish general non-fiction, mainly in general history, cultural history, popular science and psychology.

We believe that in order to go as far as possible in one's endeavours to understand both the big and the small, knowledge in one discipline is not sufficient. We are therefore especially interested in manuscripts that transcend and and form links between disciplines.

Hence, the readers and buyers of our books are people with a love of reading and passion for general knowledge on the one hand, and professionals at the universities and in private enterprises and public administration on the other.

Santérus Academic Press Sweden (SAPS)

This imprint collects our peer-reviewed academic literature that we publish mainly as Book-on-Demand in English and in Swedish.

FOR AUTHORS that wish to be published by SAPS:

In order for a manuscript to be accepted for publication you have to adress the following guidelines:


We are only interested in original manuscripts and whether they are important enough to merit

publication. Book proposals are welcome! Be prepared, in that case, to attach one or more sample chapters.

General requirements

·       Research problem

·       Research design

·       Logic and clarity

·       Evidence and results

·       Sales

Specific requirements

Research problem

What is the contribution to the field of knowledge, and how clear is the research problem formulated?

Specific requirements

Research Design

How does the author plan to solve the research problem, and which are the strengths and weaknesses of the research design?

Specific requirements

Logic and Clarity

How does the author structure the text, and is the submission presented in a suitably scholarly style and with an appropriate standard of English? Coherence is important!

Specific requirements

Evidence and results

How sustainable are the results, against the background of the research problem, the research design, and the empirical evidence?

Specific requirements


Who is going to buy this book? Students? Teachers? Interested people? Please specify!


Reject, revise and resubmit, minor revisions.


When you feel you have fulfilled the requirements in the guidelines you can send the manuscript to us.

If we assess that the manuscript could be for us we contact you and discuss what the financial details of the project are. When these are sorted out and agreed upon we start the peer-review.

The review will take about four weeks.

You will then learn if you script is ready for publication, if it needs minor changes or if you have to rewrite major parts.


The PRINTING PROCESS works as follows:

1. We print books one by one and deliver them to the customer. Very small or no physical stock exists.

2. The books can be ordered wherever the customer is situated, through any bookstore that buys from wholesalers in the US or in the UK or directly from the Internet bookstores Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de.

3. The books do not go out of print, unless together with the author we decide to take the book off the market.

4. Academic writers who aim for an international audience can reach it through SAPS, even if they lack connections to the major international academic publishers. We do not only aim for interanational research libraries and thus our book prices are not a deterrent compared with those of the major academic publishers.

5. The areas of publishing are the social sciences and the humanities.




In order to get bookseller discount please place your order with our distributor:

Warfvinges väg 30
Box 30195
104 25 Stockholm
Order phone: +46 8657 95 00
E-mail: order@fsys.se

http://www.forlagssystem.se (only in Swedish)


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